The Most Underrated Optimization That Will Transform Your Online Fundraising – Automation

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In this webinar hosted by Virtuous CRM & RaiseDonors, we cover several topics around online fundraising optimization. Mainly, Automation and it’s importance in creating more generosity in a nonprofit. Using Automation to optimize your online fundraising is essential to creating personalized, lasting relationships with your donors. Find the inefficiencies in your processes within your nonprofit, pivot and implement these optimization processes to increase giving!

  • Inefficiencies can seriously depreciate the value of a donation.
  • How to find the inefficiencies your team can capitalize on.
  • How to automate manual tasks that are crippling your team.
  • How optimizing your process empowers your mission.


About RaiseDonors

RaiseDonors mission is to provide the most intuitive and powerful fundraising software ever created so that nonprofits may continuously move forward.

Online fundraising is a challenge that requires equal measures of strategy and technology.

If people don’t understand what you’re about, don’t feel appreciated, or aren’t sure they can trust you — they won’t engage with your mission.

And if technology complicates your internal process, your team won’t use it.

RaiseDonors provides an intuitive experience for your donors, time-saving integrations with your systems, and actionable analytics that help you build increasingly better donor relationships.

We encourage you to try RaiseDonors free for 30-days and take the first step toward a better experience for your donors and fewer headaches for your team.