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At Virtuous, we believe that you should be able to use other best-in-class software. YOUR DATA BELONGS TO YOU! You should never feel handcuffed to a single system. To that end, we offer an ever-growing set of integrations and a free API to all of our customers. Be free!

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Popular Cloud Integrations

Virtuous empowers nonprofits to choose the fundraising platform that works best for them. We also offer full integrations with these great online cloud platforms.

  • MailChimp Nonprofit CRM Integration for Nonprofits
  • Double the Donation Corporate Matching
  • ConstantContact CRM  Integration for Nonprofits
  • SiteStacker CMS Integration
  • Raise Donors Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • Eventbrite Event Management Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • Google Maps Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • HubSpot Email Automation Nonprofit Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • Paperless
  • FullContact Donor Social Media Profile Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • SmartyStreets Address Verification Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • WordPress Website Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • PeachTree NCOA Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • Classy Peer to Peer Giving
  • Outlook Email Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • Gmail CRM Integration
  • Stripe Online Giving Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • SendGrid Email Marketing Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • Giving Fuel Nonprofit CRM Integration
  • Wealth Data Integration
  • Free Open RESTful API
Email CRM integration

Featured Integration

Gmail and Outlook

  • Log donor emails to Virtuous directly from your email client
  • Allow your team to see selected email interactions with donors to improve transparency
  • Create new donors in Virtuous with our simple integrated Gmail contact form

Featured Integration

Double the Donation

  • Automated corporate gift matching
  • Fully integrated into Virtuous Giving Forms
  • Double your gift size by connecting donors with corporate giving plans

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Double the Donation
iDonate digital fundraising CRM integration

Featured Integration

DonorSearch Wealth Data

  • Batch wealth screening integrated into Virtuous for data segmentation
  • Real-time Wealth Scores available for new contacts
  • Research both traditional wealth markers and philanthropic activity
  • Simple “Target Gift Ask” data helps to cultivate the right relationships quickly

Built-in Social Integrations

  • facebook integration
  • twitter integration
  • linkedin integration
  • google integration

Are you a developer?
See our open RESTful API

Our customers are always finding creative uses for our API including pulling live funding projects onto their website or integrating with home-grown gift processing tools. Set up a demo for more information

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  • “Virtuous is the perfect tool to manage my day. At a glance, I can quickly see how I've connected with our partners in the past, what they're passionate about and start conversations that will have a lasting impact on our communities.” Terrilynn Miller Director, CityServe AZ

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