All-in-one marketing software designed to grow giving

Virtuous reimagines your donor relationships to help you scale authentic connections with each person instead of simply contacting rows in a database. Create and send personalized communication, save time and grow giving all with the help of a single platform.

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Marketing Automation Designed for Nonprofits

Send relevant communication to donors based on what they care about most. Use data collected from giving behavior, interests or milestones to craft a unique, personalized engagement for each individual. Automation allows you to build sequences that connect with donors in real-time with no additional staff time required.

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Easily Automate All Important Communication
Giving is an incredible, selfless act that deserves to be recognized. Modern donors require clear, relevant communication and Virtuous makes it possible. Segment your communications so each person gets all the information they need without any ineffective, generic messaging.

Automate Custom Direct Mail Pieces for Multi-Channel Engagement
Tell a single story to reach donors across all channels. Automate personalized physical mail, cards or receipts based on donor behavior without ever having to touch a stamp or envelope.

“Automation is a total game-changer. To be able to set volunteers on an automated track is really something special that not a lot of CRMs have.”

Amanda Montalongo-Fisher | UMOM New Day Centers

Build Custom Email Campaigns with Drag-and-Drop Tools

In order to reach the modern donor, you need options when it comes to email. Virtuous allows you to choose from beautiful, mobile-responsive templates designed or build your own.

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Track Engagement at the Donor Level
Open and click reporting flows all the way to each donor’s profile. Easily respond to donor signals in real-time to ensure you never miss an opportunity to improve donor relationships and grow giving.

Avoid Messy Spreadsheet Imports
Use powerful queries to build lists of donors for a campaign without data sync headaches.

See Your ROI Clearly
Your dashboard tracks email marketing clicks, direct mail, and giving behavior all in one place, so you don’t have to spend time switching back and forth, trying to make sense of different data sources.

Fully-Integrated Web Engagement Tracking

Virtuous web tracking follows visitors on your website to provide insight into what each person is engaging with, what they care about most and which pages are most effective at fundraising and converting new leads.

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Identify Donor Passions
Tagging web content by topic helps you better understand the specific issues that are most compelling to each donor so you can build engagement and marketing campaigns backed by data.

Automation Driven by Web Engagement
Automatically send emails or schedule tasks for your team to follow up when visitors are engaged and most likely to convert.

Dynamically Modify Gift Asks for Each Visitor
Web tracking and personalized email links allow Virtuous to shift gift arrays amounts based on the capacity of each donor.

Simplify Your Work with a Powerful Nonprofit CRM Built for You

Volunteer Management

Track volunteer engagement and hours volunteered
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Grant Management

Manage applications and workflow for incoming and outgoing grants
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Data Segmentation & Search

Easy, powerful query tools with built in segmentation for direct marketing
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Robust Data Import/Entry

Quickly import/enter donations and process credit cards gifts
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Reporting & Dashboards

Customize your dashboard and run reports designed for fundraisers
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Project & Fund Management

Manage giving projects, track success and map to your accounting system
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Event Management

Create events, track attendance and automate follow-up
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Popular Integrations & API

Integrate with the cloud-based tools you love or plug into our robust API
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Explore more ways to grow with Virtuous Automation & Giving

Marketing Automation

Automate follow up tasks, emails and letters based on donor behavior
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Email Marketing

Easily, build amazing emails and track results to the donor level
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Giving & Forms

Design your own giving form and easily embed anywhere on your site
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Web Tracking

See how your donors are engaging on your site. Dynamically change your gift ask amount or automate follow-up after a web visit
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Direct Mail on Demand

Send one-off letters to donors based on their behavior. No staff time or stamps required.
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Prospect/Lead Forms

Easy, powerful query tools with built in segmentation for direct marketing
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